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Green Lake Kitchens is central Wisconsin’s top destination for serious chefs, die hard foodies, and people who just want to have fun. If you’ve been dreaming of starting a food-related business, love to cook, or simply want to fill your life with healthy foods and good friends, Green Lake Kitchens is the place to be.

With organic farms, vibrant farm markets, new restaurants and an incredibly creative group of culinary entrepreneurs, the Green Lake area is swiftly becoming one of Wisconsin’s most important food hubs. Green Lake Kitchens helps your food-business startup succeed by offering you all of the tools you need: A fully-equipped certified commercial kitchen, advice and connections for licensing and legalities, marketing assistance and more. Join our team of rock-star entrepreneurs! Come in for a tour or call us today at (920) 807-0156.

This is a little gem of a community area. Green Lake Renewal has done a lot to develop Foxtale Ginger Beer Brewing and really helped from a business perspective. In terms of an area to start a food business, it is the best around. They have great facilities and we have wonderful support from the community.
— Zach Frazier, Genuine Beverages, LLC

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