Arnold Grummer's Midwest Paper Fest

Paper Artists and art enthusiasts are invited to attend this special event at historic Town Square in beautiful Green Lake, Wisconsin. Handmade Paper Art and Art on Paper will be on display and artists' works will be available for purchase.


Opening Reception

Friday, October 4
6:00 - 7:30 pm

Free reception for artists and the local community.
Refreshments and appetizers will be served.
Artwork will be on display through the month of October.


Featured Workshops

Saturday, October 5
10:00 am - 1:30 pm

“In the Field: Working with Local and Exotic Plants for Papermaking“ with Andrea Peterson of Hook Pottery Paper. (

Exhibiting Artists

About Arnold Grummer


Arnold Grummer gained understanding of paper's structure and technology working with PhD scientists while on faculty at the Institute of Paper Chemistry. He later added the duties of Curator of the Dard Hunter Paper Museum where he assisted visitors and correspondents from all over the world with scholarly research.

Blending knowledge of the historic and scientific worlds of paper, Arnold Grummer's respect and passion for paper along with a keenly developed ability to communicate led to five books and diverse presentations with his 'Great American Paper Machine'.

Arnold Grummer’s credits include television appearances, presentations at the Smithsonian, paper making with a U.S. President and visiting dignitaries.

In 1999 the prestigious paper making society, Friends of Dard Hunter, captured the essence of Arnold’s distinctive contribution with it’s first-ever Lifetime Achievement Award: "For advancing the art of paper making...and sharing your infectious joy of the craft with us all."

In 2012 Arnold Grummer gained honor for his unique contribution to the Paper Industry by induction to the Paper Industry International Hall of Fame in the category of Service, Educator, Entrepreneur.  


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