Wellness Programs to Combat the Winter Blues

If the groundhog sees his shadow on Friday, February 2, the nation is destined for six more weeks of winter. That would actually be good news for Wisconsinites, since our state is ranked fifth in the nation for coldest winters and warm weather doesn't normally arrive until well after the the calendar's official "first day of Spring" in late March. 

In the meantime, Town Square and Green Lake Fitness 24/7 are offering plenty of ways to fight off the winter blues, with exercise classes and personal training for all levels.

"Daily workouts release de-stress brain chemicals that ease the blues," said Green Fitness Manager Colton Burt. "Plus, regular exercise strengthens the immune system, so you can fight off bacterial and viral infections."

Burt, a certified personal trainer, recommends finding a friend or trainer to help you make the commitment to getting in shape. The winter program includes:

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Health and wellness programs at Town Square are made possible in part by supporters of Green Lake Renewal, the 501(c)3 non-profit organization that operates Town Square, Green Lake Fitness 24/7, Green Lake Kitchens and Mill Pond Terrace. For further information, call 920-807-0008 or visit www.greenlakerenewal.org