Green Lake Renewal Volunteers Gather to Revitalize Green Lake

Renew Crew Party | June 1, 2018
Midtown Lounge, Downtown Green Lake

Over 50 members and friends of the Green Lake community showed support at the annual Renew Crew cocktail party, hosted by Green Lake Renewal Board Member Jo Ellen Madden and Ambassador Joan Lloyd, at the Midtown Lounge above Guth’s Candy in Downtown Green Lake last Friday, June 1st.

“We want to thank everyone who came to support and learn more about Green Lake Renewal’s initiatives,” said Jorge Gutierrez of Green Lake Renewal. “A special thanks goes out to Steve and Mary Guth for hosting us at Midtown Lounge, Bliss Catering for the appetizers, and Joan Lloyd and Jo Ellen Madden for throwing another successful Renew Crew party.”

The event recognized Green Lake Renewal’s volunteers, provided more opportunities for volunteering and raffled a one-month membership to Green Lake Fitness 24/7, a one-hour message by Tiana at Town Square, and a Green Lake Tote bag from DISH. Volunteer opportunities range from participating in the planning and execution of programs, to working the front desk at the Town Square community center. For more information on joining the Renew Crew, call 920-807-0008 or email at