A 3-Step Guide to Ridding Yourself of Closet Tchotchkes

How to Rid Yourself of Closet Tchotchkes


Celebrate “national get organized Week” by donating clothes to Hangers

Here they come. Your fall clothes. Including the ones you put away in the spring without wearing all year. And yes. You are about to take them out again. And hang in your closet. Just in case:

  • Your life changes dramatically

  • You start looking good in giant ruffles

  • You suddenly lose 20 pounds

  • You are transported by a magical time machine to the 1970s and get invited to a disco ball 

No more fooling around, Ladies. Sunday, October 6 is the start of National Get Organized Week. Here’s how you can take part in this super-exciting annual event!

Step 1️⃣: Get a big bag

Step 2️⃣: Gather your fall wardrobe. Before you put any of your fall clothing or accessories back into your closet, look at each piece, ask yourself these three questions, and take the following action:

  • Have I worn it in a year? No? PLACE IN BAG

  • Is It a closet tchotchke? (“a small object that is decorative rather than functional”…collecting dust just because I like to look at it) Yes? PLACE IN BAG

  • Does it make me feel great when I wear it? No? PLACE IN BAG 

Step 3️⃣: Liberate Yourself! 

  • DO NOT look into the bag and start second-guessing yourself. NO PEEKING

  • Bring bag to Hangers, the resale shop at Town Square. We need your donations!

  • Feel better x 2: You have great clothes and have done something great for your community

It’s 👏🏻 That 👏🏻 Easy 👏🏻

Donated items in saleable condition are tax deductible and accepted on an ongoing basis. Drop off your donated items during Town Square’s hours of operation:

⌚ M-F: 9a-5p | Sat: 9a-3p
📍 Visit: 492 Hill St. Green Lake, WI
📞 Call: 920-807-0156
📧 Email: info@greenlaketownsquare.org

Thank You for Supporting Town Square