Diane Egbert Tells History of Green Lake Through Postcards


“Dartford Days”

A Postcard History of Early Green Lake by Diane Egbert

Limited-Edition Keepsake Book

Green Lake area’s Diane Egbert has published a new book that contains a curated selection of postcard images drawn from her personal collection built over a dozen years, many of which date from the 1910s and 1920s. The limited-edition book, titled “Dartford Days,” has a one-time-only press run of 500 and will be available for $34 at Town Square Community Center starting Thursday, August 29.

See select photos of postcards below:

Aside from postcards, the book also contains five essays on “unsung heroes” of that era who made a significant impact on Green Lake. These essays include stories of:

  • Captain Pierce, who had a boat livery in Green Lake for nearly 50 years;

  • Victor and Hattie Sherwood Kutchin, who are the founders of Maplewood Hotel. Victor Kutchin had many interests and was civically involved on the state level.

  • Victor and Jessie Lawson. Victor Lawson’s career in journalism and publishing is notable and timely. Jessie Lawson, a very private person, is known by her accomplishments, mainly the development of Lone Tree Farm, but she also worked with her husband on the innovative women’s sections of the Chicago Daily News.

  • Harris Montgomery was a commercial photographer who shot thousands of postcard images. Little has been written about him. Working with several sources, including his granddaughter, a profile of his life as a postcard photographer has been developed, followed by 16 of his postcard images. Many other images throughout the book are also by Montgomery.

“An elegy for Green Lake’s original inhabitants is included in the fifth essay,” says Egbert. “There is also a brief description of Hattie Mills and the Mills Hotel. The bulk of the book, however, is the 200+ images shown, all enlarged, and arranged in thematic sections. Where possible, the postcard photographer/publisher is noted.”

Diane Egbert is a descendant of earliest Dartford settlers. She is now retired after being self-employed for many years in the graphic arts and editing. Egbert received her BA and MA from University of Wisconsin–Madison.