In 2015, Town Square merged with Downtown Green Lake Renewal Project to form a revised non-profit called Green Lake Renewal with Town Square Community Center at the heart of its organization. Town Square is a business incubator for entrepreneurs, landlord for many local non-profits, offers art, cooking, children classes, maintains a 24/7 fitness center and commercial kitchen, hosts exciting monthly progressive bingo, and in many other ways serves as the hub of activity for the Green Lake community.


Town Square is located in the former 1899 county courthouse, designed by Oshkosh Architect William Waters, who won a contest of Wisconsin Architects to design the Wisconsin building for the Colombian Exposition World’s Fair in Chicago. One hundred and some years later, the historic building was left empty when the county built new facilities outside of Town. A nonprofit group then acquired the building and introduced it to the world in August of 2012 as Town Square, a community project not supported by tax dollars. In 2015, Town Square became part of the organization Green Lake Renewal. Since then, Town Square has become a business incubator, landlord for many local non-profits, offered art and cooking classes, opened a fitness center and commercial kitchen, hosted monthly bingo and in other ways has served as the Green Lake community hub.





Our resident companies and non-profit organizations each add depth, richness and quality of life to our community.

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The Corners Store & Artists Co-op

Green Lake Spa

Lakeshore custom Builders

Green Lake Association

Room to Breathe yoga & pilates

Ripon Technology

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Lester Schwartz Gallery

Green Lake Conservancy

Freeland Foundation